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Presented by: Dr. Katherine Johnson, Johnson & Associates
There are numerous non-energy benefits (NEBs) associated with energy efficiency measures that can get transferred to participating customers, to society, and to the utility. Drawing on best practices, statewide reviews of water and fuel costs, the Parties Working Collaboratively (PWC) developed several equations designed to accurately capture the non-energy benefits that are not currently reflected in these measure installations. The methodologies, algorithms and assumptions used to calculate these NEBs are described fully in Protocol L of the Arkansas Technical Reference Manual, Version 6.0. This is a rare example of of when quantifying NEBs is contained as part of jurisdictions Technical Reference Manual’s calculations.
This presentation will present an overview of the approach to quantify four “easily quantifiable” NEBs”
– Non-Energy Benefits for Electricity, Natural Gas, and Liquid Propane (“Other fuels”)
–  Non-Energy Benefits for Water Savings
–  Non-Energy Benefits of Avoided and Deferred Equipment Replacement Cost including:
–  Two Replace on Burnout Scenarios with both static and changing baselines
– Non Energy Benefits  in early-replacement scenarios.
About the Presenter
Dr. Katherine Johnson, Johnson Consulting Group
For nearly 20 years, Katherine has worked closely with investor-owned, rural electric cooperatives, and municipal energy utilities. She has helped utilities design, implement, and evaluate successful programs that target all sectors of the energy efficiency market. She has also worked closely with program administrators in designing and evaluating innovative energy efficiency programs such as on-the-bill financing programs promoting whole-house energy efficiency improvements.
In addition, she has completed more than 200 process and impact evaluations throughout her career as well as developed business cases for geothermal heat pumps, commercial and residential lighting, and solar PV systems, among others. She has written the Home Performance with Energy Star® compendium, and authored the Geothermal Heat Pump Chapter, Technical Handbook for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,   Katherine is also active within the energy services industry, serving on the Board of the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) and presents on topics including effective program design and implementation for Demand Side Management (DSM). programs thus the “business case” for energy efficiency programs.  Recently, Katherine received the  B. H. Prasad Award for Outstanding Contributor of the Year.
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