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Presented by: Shalom Flank, Microgrid Architect
Most buildings in the U.S. rely on external supplies of electricity and gas to generate all of their heating and cooling needs. District energy is a strong alternative for dense clusters of buildings such as downtowns, new real estate developments, business parks, re-developed military bases, etc. This webinar will provide a typology of energy districts and microgrids along with the suite of functionality that such projects can provide. 
Participants will Learn:
– What are the economic advantages of energy districts and microgrids?
– When are they suitable solutions, and when do business-as-usual approaches still prevail?
– What are the steps in evaluating and setting up a new energy district?
– How can projects avoid some of the pitfalls and barriers that have slowed the deployment of these approaches in the past?
About the Presenter
Shalom Flank
Shalom Flank, PhD, became the nation’s first “microgrid architect” over a dozen years ago, as Pareto Energy’s Chief Technology Officer.  Dr. Flank has served as Microgrid Architect for a number of project development companies, including Urban Ingenuity, Pareto, and Anbaric.  He manages technical, financial, and regulatory aspects of their microgrid projects, from initial assessments and conceptual design, through financing, permitting, and engineering.  In addition, he currently serves as the project director for the DC Department of Energy and Environment’s three-year microgrid study, including kicking off a new Microgrid Extension Service.  He has also overseen the development of proprietary microgrid technologies, such as Pareto’s “GridLink” non-synchronous interconnection technology. 
Dr. Flank has been a frequent advisor to commercial companies and public agencies on energy technologies, from helping the National Science Foundation assess the commercial viability of new photovoltaic and fuel cell technologies to working with cutting-edge companies commercializing clean energy and energy efficiency technologies. He served for a number of years as a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and as a staff member at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the U.S. House of Representatives, and has held appointments at Harvard and MIT.  Dr. Flank received his PhD from MIT, where he studied energy engineering, economics, and policy, and his BA in Physics from Cornell University.


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