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Presented by: Gerald Braun, Founder, Integrated Resources Network 
Mr. Braun will discuss experience related to increasing  community resilience through purposeful community led solar deployment.  He will outline a cost-effective strategy many or most communities can adopt to increase their energy resiliency.  All elements of the strategy have been successfully implemented independent of one another in the past decade but typically not in an intentionally integrative way with the active involvement of local energy service providers.  Mr. Braun will discuss cases of successful implementation and their tactical lessons for communities and their energy service providers.   He will outline recommended collaborative steps to insure against economic and other effects of extended disruption of traditional energy service.
Topics Covered Include:
– Role of solar energy in local energy resilience
– Economics of resilient communities
– Building local energy management capacity
– Solar micro-grid powered communities .
About the Presenter
Gerry Braun
Gerry Braun is a founder and member of the Integrated Resources Network, a growing community of pragmatic innovators working for a smart and clean energy future. He is also a founding and active member of the Solar Circle and recently completed a two year term as Chairman of the Gas Technology Institute’s Public Interest Advisory Committee. Gerry’s knowledge of energy markets, electricity systems and clean energy supply industries is rooted in his work over the years with leading firms and agencies such as Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Bechtel, Southern California Edison Company, BP Solar, Standard Solar, the US Department of Energy, the California Energy Commission and the UC Davis Energy Institute. He organized and directed major US and California renewable energy R&D programs and held senior executive, marketing and business development roles in global and local solar companies.
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