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Presented by: Baird Brown, Eco(N)Law
This webinar explores the contribution of grid-edge resources – customer and community sponsored generation, storage and demand response – to the resilience of our communities and also explores the policies that support those resources.  In the grid of the future grid-edge resources can:
  • Maintain needed local services and permit intelligent load shedding in emergencies
  • Allow islanding of critical infrastructure
  • Support first responders and other emergency services
  • Back up grid infrastructure with a variety of smart services
  • Reduce grid carbon emissions and other pollution 
Progress on these policies is being frustrated by traditional regulatory schemes and an overlapping tangle of regulatory jurisdictions. 
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has initiated proceedings to investigate the resilience of the bulk power system and aggregation of distributed energy resources.  States and other jurisdictions, including Hawaii, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and California, have recently adopted or are considering legislation or rules to advance microgrids and other resilient resources.  In its recent PJM Capacity Market order, FERC declared war on state renewable portfolio standards, which provide support to clean, grid-edge resources. 
We will discuss ways forward to achieve resilience and community energy goals.
About the Presenter
Baird Brown  
Baird Brown is the principal of eco(n)law LLC. He works with energy customers and communities and their technology and finance partners to deploy a new generation of energy and sustainability infrastructure. He has helped develop pooled procurement and financing techniques for building energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy for clients such as the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility and has structured public-private partnerships for a broad array of infrastructure projects.  He develops regulatory strategies, tax structures, and project documentation for innovative projects, and counsels clients in connection with taxable and tax-exempt, rated and unrated, and registered and unregistered financings and credit arrangements.  He helped form and serves as co-counsel to the Microgrid Resources Coalition.
Baird has played key roles in organizations that advance energy and sustainability goals.  He served as a co-chair of energy related committees of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the International Bar Association, and he was a principal author of the form Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Agreement for the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), the Energy Markets Association, and ABA.  He represents the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment and serves on the boards of non-profit organizations that work for community revitalization and energy justice
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