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Presented by: Craig Lewis, Clean Coalition
Although everyone understands that there is significant value to the resilience provided by indefinite solar-driven backup power, quantifying this unparalleled value-of-resilience (VOR) has been a challenge that has limited market opportunities for Solar Microgrids.
To overcome this challenge, the Clean Coalition, a California nonprofit, has developed a standardized, straightforward VOR methodology, referred to as VOR123, which reflects the fact VOR has different values based on three load tiers. Importantly, VOR123 can be applied to any type of facility by tiering loads and then applying a standardized VOR for each.
There are three load tiers as follows:
Tier 1: Mission-critical, life-sustaining loads that warrant being maintained indefinitely for 100% resilience — usually about 10% of a facility’s total load.
Tier 2: Priority loads that should be maintained as long as doing so does not threaten the ability to maintain Tier 1 loads — usually about 15% of the total load.
Tier 3: Discretionary loads that should be maintained only when doing so does not threaten Tier 1 and Tier 2 resilience — usually about 75% of the total load.
This webinar will cover:
  • Basic concepts:
    • Battery energy capacity allocations for simultaneously ensuring resilience and optimizing economics
    • Minimum state-of-charge required for resilience (SOCr) based on a dynamic calculation of load and solar forecasts
  • The VOR123 methodology:
    • Load tiering
    • VOR multipliers for each load tier
    • Validating VOR multipliers
  • Case study cascade:
    • Grid-constrained Santa Barbara region in California
    • Santa Barbara Unified School District (SBUSD)
    • San Marcos High School, one of three SBUSD major high schools
About the Presenter:
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis is Founder and Executive Director of the Clean Coalition, a non-profit founded in 2009 whose mission is to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and a modern grid through technical, policy, and project development expertise. He has over 20 years of experience in the renewables, wireless, semiconductor, and banking industries. Previously VP of Government Relations at GreenVolts, Craig was the first to successfully navigate a solar project through California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard solicitation process. He was also the energy policy lead on Steve Westly’s 2006 California gubernatorial campaign, and his resume includes senior government relations, corporate development, and marketing positions at leading wireless, semiconductor, and banking companies; including Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Barclays Bank . 


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