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Municipal Sustainable Energy Forum has formed a high level group of people who are facilitating clean energy-related practices for communities, utilities,  governments, states, and cities both locally and nationally.  The purpose of MSE Forum is to create a venue in which these experts can conduct solution-oriented conversations, keep abreast of the latest developments and create relationships that might lead to possible collaboration. The Group consists of organization leaders, experts, consultants, lawyers and qualified others as well as leaders in government, universities, communities  and utilities who are actively involved in promoting  (or trying to promote) renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. 
In order to maintain high quality conversations, joining is by invitation only.  

MSE Forum has three primary goals. 

1. Most months, MSE Forum hosts free webinars on some of the most effective policies, programs and projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Several times a month invitations are sent to around 4000 local and state governments , communities, utilities, consultants, organizations and educational institutions. Typically around 100 to 200 people register for each webinar. Qualified MSE Forum Members are generally selected to be webinar presenters.
MSE Forum Membership fees help support the continuance of these important free webinars.
2. Twice a month, MSE Forum hosts conference calls for its Members. The conference call topic is determined by the interests of the Members.  For each call, MSE Forum selects a small panel of experts who have different perspectives or solutions to a problem/issue and who would benefit from connecting and sharing this important information. After the expert discussion, the call is then opened up to other Members to interact.  You can listen to past recordings at
3. One of the goals of MSE Forum is to give the Members national/local recognition. Therefore, Members are listed in multiple places on the MSE Forum website including: A 60 word description in one or more selected categories; A  listing by name in the leader’s directory; A  listing by state (or nationally) in the who’s in your state directory  
In Addition, all calls and webinars are recorded.  A link to the recordings along with the contact information for the panelists/presenters, is sent to our database of 4000 people.
 If you are interested in joining, please contact Sierra.

If it has been mutually agreed that you should become a member, then CLICK HERE to join

sierradall (at) mseforum . com or call or text me at 303.554.1833
Looking forward to hearing from you.