join as a sustainability & energy leader  (by invitation only below)

Municipal Sustainability & Energy Forum has formed a high level group of people who are facilitating energy efficiency and/or sustainable energy-related practices for communities, utilities, local governments, states and/or nationally.  The purpose of the Sustainability & Energy Leaders Group is to create a venue in which these experts can conduct solution-oriented conversations, keep abreast of the latest developments and create relationships that might lead to possible collaboration. The Group consists of organization leaders, experts, consultants, lawyers and qualified others as well as sustainability and energy leaders in government, universities, communities  and utilities who are actively involved in promoting  (or trying to promote) renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.  Joining is by invitation only. We reserve the right to reject anyone whom we do not feel is appropriate for the group.

If you are invited to join, you will receive the following benefits.

  • You will be listed by category including a 60 work description in the category of your choice on the Municipal Sustainability and Energy Forum website. Links to these pages are sent to thousands of cities, counties, government agencies, utilities, universities, businesses, and organizations after each monthly webinar.
  • You will be invited to participate in any number of small exclusive solution-oriented  Conference Calls  with some of the top thought leaders in cities, states and the country. These monthly calls are structured by topic, geography and interests. The purpose of these calls is to generate collaboration and information sharing among Members on important topics that they probably would not have learned about otherwise. 
  • You will be listed by name in the  leaders directory
  • You will be listed by state in the who’s in your state 
  • You will receive invitations to our webinars
  • You will be able to list your appropriate events or webinars on our calendar of events    
CLICK HERE TO JOIN . . . pre-approval required for joining   
If you have not yet been invited and would like to discuss the possibility of joining then contact me at sierradall (at) mseforum . com or call or text me at 303.554.1833

Looking forward to hearing from you.