Municipal and State Energy Edge Forum is designed as a venue for bringing experts together to facilitate the most effective renewable energy policies, programs and projects. Several times a year, webinars are hosted at no cost for anyone who is involved in advancing energy-related sustainability in their areas or states.  In addition, conference calls are held on a variety of topics in which top experts can interact, discuss important issues and possibly collaborate on important issues..

Municipal and State Energy Edge Forum was founded by President and CEO, Sierra Dall. Sierra’s concern for the environment began at Michigan State University where she graduated with a degree in biology. While at MSU, she was instrumental in encouraging the university to discontinue spraying elm trees with DDT and instead to switch to a less toxic chemical. At the end of the four years MSU made the switch and Sierra learned that one person could make a difference.

Eventually, Sierra moved to Colorado and went through several career changes including facilitating meetings within businesses to build consensus between the employees and executives.  Her facilitating skills are now being used during the events and conference calls. In 2007, after meeting with scientists and reviewing data and studies, Sierra became aware of the seriousness of climate change.  Therefore, in 2008 she founded Municipal and State Energy Edge Forum as a format in which experts in businesses, governments, universities and utilities can have meaningful discussions on how to move forward with the most effective sustainable energy-related solutions. 

In addition to continually researching top experts and sustainability solutions, in her spare time (if any) Sierra enjoys rock climbing in the Colorado Mountains .. . . not necessarily in heels.