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April 30, 2020 at   9 PT – 10 MT – 11 CT – Noon ET
Presented by:
Gerry Braun, IRESN, Inc.
Preparation of local climate action and adaptation plans (CAAPs) must be pragmatic and balanced. New plans and updates continue to be prepared and approved with reference to local greenhouse gas sources, inventories and state policies. However, they also need to account for on-going and forecasted technology, economic and policy changes in energy and transportation sectors. For example, local electricity sector decarbonization was emphasized in the past; now fuel sector decarbonization is underway. Across the US, there is as much or more potential for decarbonization and energy resilience in the gas energy sector as in the electricity sector. In late 2019, IRESN launched a project to identify local CAAP elements for local fuel use decarbonization and energy service resilience and the technical and economic information necessary for their effective and collaborative implementation. IRESN’s Gerald Braun will summarize project results to date.
Content will include:
  • What CAAP elements have been most important in cases where local decarbonization targets have been achieved on schedule or exceeded?
  • What additional elements should be considered now and by others that were not typically included in the past?
  • For example, how and to what extent can local production of low and zero carbon gas fuels be substituted for pipeline natural gas?
  • What roles can natural gas and electricity service providers play in the transition to low and zero carbon fuel service and resilient local power for critical services and communities?
  • To what extent can local GHG inventories be reduced through more efficient production of heat and electricity?
  • How can local governments collaborate with energy service providers to expand the use of low and zero carbon fuels for transportation and account for related local job creation and economic benefits?
About the Presenter:
Gerry Braun
Gerry Braun is an energy industry veteran and clean energy pioneer who worked in utility and solar industries, government agencies and academia to make renewable energy viable and cost-effective. He now devotes his time to IRESN, Inc., a non-profit business league advancing city/utility collaboration in clean local energy. He serves on local and national utility and research advisory committees. He holds degrees in mechanical and nuclear engineering from the University of Michigan and MIT


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