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Presented by:
Oksan Bayulgen, University of Connecticut
Oksan Bayulgen will share the results of her research identifying the institutional, societal, ideological and leadership factors driving energy transitions at the local level. Her analysis covers several Connecticut towns that have shown varying degrees of success in their commitment to clean energy targets, their level of municipal action planning, their ability to generate resources, the extent of their outreach efforts and finally their efficiency and renewable energy adoption rates.
The webinar will cover the following findings:
  • policy champions and their strategies to frame clean energy initiatives and utilize available resources are a necessary factor in clean energy engagement
  • partisan affiliation of a town matters less for clean energy engagement at the local level than at the state or federal level
  • rather than its type of government structure, a town’s organizational and bureaucratic capacity measured in terms of the availability of trained staff and specialized energy taskforces/commissions is key
  • the wealth and education levels of a town matter to some extent in shaping the profile of town officials and volunteer groups that advise the government and the availability of resources and trained staff to carry out energy projects.
About the Presenter:
Oksan Bayulgen, University of Connecticut
Oksan Bayulgen is an associate professor of political science at the University of Connecticut. She is interested in various aspects of energy politics at different levels of governance. She has written a book (Cambridge University Press 2010) and many articles on oil investments and renewable energy politics, which appeared in leading academic journals such as Environmental Politics, Energy Research and Social Science, Journal of Human Rights, International Studies Review. She has received numerous grants and conducted field research in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Norway, and Turkey in the past 17 years. At UConn, she has been teaching “Politics of Oil” and “Sustainable Energy in the 21st Century” courses, among others. She is currently working on three projects analyzing local energy transitions in Connecticut, electoral consequences of wind turbine projects in the United States, and politics of renewable energy development in Turkey.


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