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Presented by: Rick Brown, PhD, President TerraVerde & David Burdick, VP Asset Management, TerraVerde
Whether it is an owner managed solar energy (photovoltaic) system or a system purchased via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), there are important dynamics that must be well managed to ensure optimized energy performance and maximized energy cost saving,


In this session some best practices in managing solar energy systems will be explored, including: 
System Monitoring – i.e. – Responding to alerts – Setting appropriate action plan based on the nature of the alerts – What do you really need to act on? What can you ignore?
Preventive Maintenance – Making sure system is maximizing value – short and long term – Which actions if ignored may void your warranty?
Reactive maintenance i.e. Setting and Managing an operational expense budget .How issues differ in different areas of country – How often do you need to wash panels? Who is financially responsible for equipment failures?
Reporting & Fiduciary Responsibility – i.e. What kind of information should stakeholders review on a regular basis? The key to assessing what energy costs would have been with and without solar. Getting the data showing how the project is performing  
Dynamics specific to system owners vs those who are purchasing power from a PPA provider.
Issues related to buying out your PPA  
Questions to ask to assess the strength of your current asset management program 

About the Presenters
Rick Brown, PhD, President, TerraVerde  
Dr. Brown launched TerraVerde, an energy and solar advisory firm in 2009. As President of TerraVerde, over the past seven years the TerraVerde team has developed $390 Million of energy projects, including, 70 MWs of solar, 13 MWs storage and energy conservation measures in over 300 buildings on behalf of Schools, Cities, Transit Agencies and Water Districts throughout California. Using these and other assets, he leads a company that is now developing programs that will create new revenue streams and reduce wholesale procurement and resource adequacy costs for Load Serving Entities; for example, TerraVerde is working on California Energy Commission and National Renewable Energy Lab R&D grants to develop tools for Community Choice Aggregation agencies to support implementation of DER programs. – – – Dr. Brown has been deeply involved in California legislation and regulation regarding clean energy, including crafting of SB 73, legislation guiding development of California‚Äôs Prop 39 Clean Energy Jobs Act.  He is an Executive Committee Member of the School Energy Coalition and works closely with the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) which chose TerraVerde to be its energy strategic partner in 2013. TerraVerde is also a Business Partner with the Local Government Commission and Center for Climate Protection.
David Burdick, VP Asset Management, TerraVerde  
David leads the Asset Management Program at TerraVerde Energy in the San Francisco Bay Area, maximizing the energy and financial performance of distributed energy resources (solar energy systems, energy storage systems, energy efficiency projects) in their operational phase. His team currently manages $300 million in capital investments, 250 energy systems, over 60 megawatts of solar energy systems, and 12 megawatts of energy storage systems on behalf of school districts, cities, and counties throughout California. Prior to TerraVerde, he served as the General Manager of a solar energy and energy storage engineering, procurement, and construction firm in California.  




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