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Economics and Feasibility of Adding Storage to Municipal Projects
Presented by:
Jeffrey Hintzke, Clean Focus
Municipal utilities (“Munis”) procure power on behalf of the communities they serve and are mandated to provide this power in a reliable and cost-effective manner. In most cases these Munis procure power from third-party or utility owned resources, often far from their location. They pay fees for transmission usage and consumption which are generally higher during the system peak loads. Locally-sited storage can help mitigate these higher costs in addition to providing a degree of local resiliency during grid emergencies. This webinar will explore some of the economic benefits and structures municipal utilities are utilizing to gain the benefits of storage on their local systems.

Participants will learn:

  • Energy storage options
  • How storage helps the Munis reduce the consumption peaks
  • How storage may also allow Munis to participate in the grid services market to supply additional revenues
  • How storage, especially when coupled with locally-site renewable generation, can provide a level of resiliency and grid independence.
  • Some of the structures and methods some Munis are using to source local storage
  • Issues related to energy storage and grid integration.
About the Presenter:
Jeffrey Hintzke
Jeffrey Hintzke is the Vice-President of Policy and New Markets for Greenskies Clean Energy, a nation-wide developer of renewable energy projects for C&I, Municipal and small-scale utility markets. He is responsible for identifying and developing new opportunities for Greenskies. He brings over 25 years of technical, marketing and management experience in the semiconductor and solar industries allowing Greenskies to efficiently roll out products and services for our clients across the United States.
Before Greenskies Jeff was with Alta Energy as senior executive for 5 years, overseeing commercial financial modeling, project deployment, analytics and project engineering.
Prior to entering the renewable energy industry, Jeffrey held Vice President and General Manager of the Inspection Division and Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Electroglas, Inc., and various Product Line and Marketing Management roles at Hewlett-Packard Company. – – Jeff earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


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