Community Chice Aggregation is taking off in California and beginning to gain a foothold in other states. Community Choice Aggregation (also called Community Choice Energy) is a program in which cities and counties can often provide thousands of citizens with renewable energy via automatic enrollment.  Contact the experts below to learn about Community Choice Aggregation possibilities in your area.


  • National –  Eco-NRG llc  – Ron Leonard 845-431-0655 Woodstock – NY 
    Our ability to access tax equity to allow projects to pencil out has been the method we use to support developers in their efforts to convert the grid to 100% renewable energy. We also design, develop, own and operate distributed generation and energy efficiency projects – primarily photovoltaic (PV), solar heating & cooling (SHC), combined heat & power (CHP), multi-fueled generation (CoGen) and energy storage systems (ESS) from 100KW – 20MW, & micro grids
  • National –eco(n)law LLC  – Baird Brown M 267.231.2310
    Baird’s practice includes the development and financing of energy and sustainable infrastructure projects and advice on the regulatory and policy issues affecting such projects. He is counsel to the Microgrid Resources Coalition, and represents state and local sustainability agencies charged with promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and green infrastructure. He has worked extensively on public/private partnerships and privatization of public services.
  • National – Clean Focus – Jeff Hintzke  408 419 4708
    Our group of companies originates, develops, finances, constructs, owns, and operates renewable energy projects in the United States and China. Clean Focus Yield owns and operates renewable energy projects that ensure stable cash flows and attractive dividends for investors.
  • National – General MicroGrids Larisa Dobriansky – 703 989 7639  As Chief Business and Regulatory Innovations Officer at General MicroGrids, Larisa Dobriansky helps shape utility regulatory reform, power market design and financing mechanisms to capture the value of advanced microgrid capabilities, that manage and optimize distributed energy resources, to deliver “integrated energy solutions” to power systems and communities; expand “energy-sharing” parameters of energy networks/infrastructure; and foster transactive energy markets
  •  CA – BIRAenergy – Rob Hammon PHD- 209.482.1363 –
    Leading the residential market to reduce emissions, reverse climate change, and improve business practices by integrating existing and emerging efficiency, renewable and storage technologies into homes and communities
  •  CA – World Business Academy – Robert Perry 818.384.4557
    Robert Perry serves as the Director of Energy Research for the World Business Academy, a 501(c)(3) think tank focused on the role business in solving humanity’s largest challenges. Mr. Perry researches issues underlying energy generation, transmission and distribution, microgrid, and storage systems as they relate to development of an integrated distributed energy system capable of operating entirely on renewable energy.
  • CA – Community Choice Partners, Inc  Samuel Golding – Community Choice Partners, Inc. specializes in designing large, multi-municipality Community Choice programs with strong public oversight mechanisms, which integrate local renewable and distributed energy resources into planning and operations to create green jobs, enhance resiliency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Samuel Golding has consulted for and/or advised Sonoma Clean Power, the County of Los Angeles, the San Francisco PUC, the California Energy Commission, the Sierra Club Energy and Climate Committee, Californians for Energy Choice and the California Alliance for Community Energy (both coalitions of nonprofits dedicated to advancing the California model of Community Choice).   
  • CA – Integrated Resources Network Gerald Braun
    Providing local integrated energy analysis for communities. A growing community of pragmatic innovators working for a smart clean energy future. TIP: Municipalities should take a look at coordinating the local integration of all aspects of energy
  • CA – Repower Yolo – John Walter (530) 564-4537
    Repower is a community-focused solar program that leverages the power of group purchasing to make it affordable and simple for homeowners and business owners to go solar. Based in Yolo County, California, we’ve created a replicable, community-centered model that will be expanded to other counties and states. What makes the Repower Solar Program so vibrant is that giving back to the community is an essential component of the model. Community partnerships and contributions fuel Repower and increase sustainable living awareness
  • CA – TerraVerde Renewable Partners, LLC Rick Brown PhD – 707.953.2885
    TerraVerde is an independent energy advisor representing school districts, public agencies, CCAs and commercial enterprises. We help clients reduce energy use and costs by planning, designing and implementing energy conservation measures, solar energy systems, energy storage, Microgrid and other DER solutions.Our Asset Management Services ensure renewable energy assets are maintained to provide optimum performance and maximum cost savings.
  • Roger Wilkins via Charlene Suggs (740) 416 .6194
    UpGrade Athens County (UAC) is a community-driven organization in southeast Ohio developing a comprehensive energy strategy that is affordable and sustainable on behalf of residents and businesses. In partnership with regional organizations, UAC sets objectives for energy conservation and advocates for policies to achieve energy sustainability ( UAC is a project of the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) — a council of governments that collaborate to provide reasonably priced energy, energy services and energy independence through electrical aggregation (