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Process for Developing Clean Energy, Energy Policy and Resilience in Towns

Presented by:
Mark Scully & Bernard Pelletier, People’s Action for Clean Energy
Across the country, towns and cities are taking their energy future into their own hands, unwilling to wait for state or federal support. Many community leaders are beginning to make real progress at the local level. In Connecticut, People’s Action for Clean Energy (PACE) has worked with towns across the state to develop viable, practical plans to transition to 100% renewable energy.

These topics will be covered:
– Interesting town leaders in adopting clean energy
– Benchmarking the town’s current energy usage for residents, businesses and the municipality, including electricity, heating/cooling and transportation.
– Estimating how much this usage could be reduced by aggressive efficiency and electrification of heating, cooling and transportation.
– Measuring how much renewable energy could realistically be generated in town.
– Exploring the impact of 100% renewable energy on the local grid.

After this initial benchmarking is complete, PACE works towns to develop a roadmap of local initiatives, policies and activities to transition to 100% renewable energy. This work has led to a growing compendium of shared best practices that towns can learn from.

About the Presenters
Mark W. Scully

Mark is President of People’s Action for Clean Energy (PACE), a Connecticut-based non-profit engaged in promoting clean energy across the state. Mark received his B.A. in Mathematics and German from Washington and Lee University and his M.A. in International Economics and Foreign Policy at the Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins
University. He is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a Certified Passive House Consultant. Mark lives in West Simsbury, CT, plays in several bands and is active in First Church of Christ Simsbury

In the current absence of national leadership on clean energy, and instead of waiting for the state to act, each of us can work in our own community to make real progress at the local level


Bernard Pelietier

Bernie is Vice President of People’s Action for Clean Energy a Connecticut-based non-profit that promotes adoption of clean energy and efficiency across the state. Bernie received his B.S. in Mathematics and Peace Studies from Manhattan College and a Masters in Public Policy from Trinity College in Hartford. He is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and has carried his quantatative approach into the 100PercentCT Project. He lives with his wife in West Hartford and serves on that towns Clean Energy Commission. 



Including important webinars and calls about
  • Updates on Community Choice Aggregation
  • The latest on Microgrids
  • Energy Storage
  • Low Income Housing
  • Energy Policy Updates
  • New Technologies 
  • Net Zero Energy Policies and Programs
  • Community Solar Programs
  • Energy Financing
  • Electric Vehicles

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