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The universities listed below are working with communities to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy. Contact the listings below  to explore new ways to approach your projects, policies or problems.
  • National – Shalom Flank, Microgrid Architect
    Dr. Flank became the nation’s first “microgrid architect” over a decade ago, and continues to design and develop MW-scale microgrid projects in the U.S. Northeast and beyond.  He is also active in the policy, regulatory, and financial innovations needed to propel such projects to success. Additionally he is a “Lecturer” for Georgetown’s Urban & Regional Planning program.
  • National – Tim Rumage –  Ringling College, Florida,
    My background is field ecology.  My focus is systems – how do ecological communities maintain themselves and what triggers significant change in those communities.  Given the impact of the built environment on natural systems, I switched to environmental studies and community design.  Can we adapt what we know about natural systems to create more efficient, effective, flexible, and comprehensive human environments?  
  • MA – Richard Reibstein – Boston University,  
    Richard Reibstein conducts a class at Boston University with a  primary focus on research for environmental agencies. The students recently analyzed issues related to community choice aggregation in MA cities and will be looking at community solar for EJ communities.  Mr Reibstein teaches non-lawyers about environmental law.  He has also worked for the state of Massachusetts helping companies improve environmental performance and identify best practices.
  • OH – Myra Moss at Ohio State University Extension Sustainable Development Initiative & Energize Ohio  
    The Sustainable Development Initiative approaches energy, education, planning and research from a sustainable perspective, incorporating the cornerstones of sustainability into our work with communities, organizations, and businesses.  Program topics encompass sustainable community planning, entrepreneurship and energy development.
  • NY – David Kay –  Cornell University, Community and Regional Development institute, 
    David Kay is a Senior Extension Associate with the Community & Regional Development Institute (CaRDI) in the Department of Development Sociology. David provides leadership for CaRDI programming in the areas of energy, land use and community development. His work on land use involves research, outreach, and training efforts that attempt to build community-based decision making capacity and to help weave local policy into a regionally coherent fabric. He has increasingly focused on the community and economic development implications of energy transitions. His research and outreach work is especially concerned with building informed decision making capacity in the context of community controversy. David serves on the boards of several city, town, county and New York State State not-for-profit or government organizations concerned with sustainability and municipal land use planning
  • WI Sherrie Gruder, UW-ExtensionSustainable Design Specialist –
    Energy On Wisconsin works to increase energy awareness, education and outreach on energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy sources and systems, bioenergy and sustainable energy planning and policies to Wisconsin communities, businesses, and farms. We work to promote success of local governments that have resolved to become energy independent- generate 25% of their energy from renewables locally by 2025.
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